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Your car has many working parts, and they are all important to the overall functionality of your vehicle. However, one important part that often gets overlooked by other auto shops is the differential. You'll get expert differential service from the ASE-certified professionals at Vallero's Automotive.

The differential is actually a set of gears that are designed to move power to the wheels. This gives your wheels the ability to move and turn at different speeds. The differential compensates for the difference between the inner wheels and the outer wheels. In essence, the differential allows all wheels to get the same amount of energy even when they have to move at different speeds.

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It sounds complicated because it is complicated! At Vallero's Automotive, we're proud of our differential expertise, and we can do overhauls and repairs. We work with all makes and models, but we're Ford specialists with certification from the factory.

Let Vallero's Automotive check your differential today. Call now and get a same-day appointment with the latest and best technology.

Signs Your Differential Needs Repairs

Metal in the fluid or on the fill plug
Clunking type noises when the vehicle is put into gear
Grinding of gears or other loud sounds
Leaks around the differential area
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Why should you trust Vallero's Automotive? Our auto service is impeccable, and our customer service is the best in the industry.

In terms of auto service, we make sure our team is equipped to serve you. We invest in ongoing education classes, and we use the best technology to complete your repairs. We use factory test equipment to ensure the best results.

We care about you! We know that service matters because we're a local, family-owned business. We reply to all inquiries within 24 hours, and we have a comfortable waiting room outfitted with free Wi-Fi, coffee, and water.

You can count on Vallero's Automotive for all your auto repairs in Dalton Gardens, ID. We're here to serve you. Call today!

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